Mujeres en la ciencia: Sus historias, retos y logros

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  Mujeres científica presentes en el simposio que nos deleitaron con sus historias y experiencias. El pasado viernes 6 de marzo se llevó a cabo el Simposio: El poder de la mujer en la ciencia dedicado a destacar el trabajo, los retos, y logros de la mujer dentro de diferentes campos de la ciencia.  Esta actividad se presentó en el anfiteatro número uno de la Facultad de estudios generales de la UPRRP y fue organizada por un equipo de mujeres científicas del departamento de química de la facultad de ciencias naturales. Estudiantes de escuelas invitadas tuvieron la oportunidad [...]

Forum: Conociendo la Problemática Ambiental en Puerto Rico

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There was a forum offered by proffesionals and scientists at the Facundo Bueso Building, it consisted of presentations on different topics like Climatic change, water contamination and the status of landfills in the island. Students and researchers from CIRE2N assisted the interactive forum. There were three main speakers: engineers Eduardo González and Carl Soderberg, and Dr. Christian Villalta. This was hosted by the Inter-american Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (AIDIS). #NSFfunded #NSFCrest

Molecular Science Research Center open house

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The Molecular Sciences Research Center hosted an open house last Friday. CIRE2N participated and gave interactive presentations to students and the open public. The Ciencia Arte gallery was on the activity as well, giving the opportunity for everyone to see it and vote. #NSFfunded #NSFCrest  

CIRE2N’S Site Visit

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Through the first two days of the week CIRE2N had a NSF Site Visit in which the board came to evaluate our researchers. On Monday, the opening activity was celebrated. After it, CIRE2N'S graduates and undergraduates presented what their research focuses on. There was as well a Ciencia Arte gallery, were students had the opportunity to compete and get creative with images about science. On Tuesday, there were meetings throughout the University in which evaluators came to see how CIRE2N has evolved. Everyone was a part of it.  Professors, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students gave presentations and participated in a [...]

ACS Chemistry Festival 2019: Marvelous Metals

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ACS celebrated it's 19th anual festival of Chemistry last Sunday at El Paseo de la Princesa in San Juan. Under a really sunny day, students from different universities and schools gave presententations about all the elements from the periodic table. This year's theme was Marvelous Metals: Celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table. CIRE2N was assigned the element Ruthenium. This element a is very rare metal that is often used as a catalyst.

NSF-CREST Site Visit

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During October 21-22 there will be a NSF CREST Site Visit at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. A Site Visit, as stated by the NSF website, is the time they come to offer award administration best practices and to answer questions related to NSF expectations and Federal award administration requirements. The opening activity will be celebrated at the anfitheater of the architecture building from 8 am to 12 pm. #NSFfunded #NSFCrest Flyer

Proyect Based Learning Workshop

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There was a workshop on Proyect Base Learning last Friday September 13, 2019. The workshop was presented by the doctoral student, Ana Fernández Ruíz. Proyect Base Learning is"an effective teaching model that focuses the learning process on a real project that is relevant to the student". In CIRE2N, we use this learning process with our students. They learn while engaging in activities and research in Environmental Nanotechnology with scientists from different universities. This workshop, that was atended by 15 CIRE2N students, helps them understand this teaching model so they know how to use it in the future.   #NSFfunded #NSFCrest

Nano Envi Summer Camp’s closing

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Summer is almost over, and with it the Nano Envi Summer Camp succesfully finished it's second edition. In the video, the participants of the summer camp enjoy its ending and celebrate all their achievements. The groups presented their research and how they plan to deliver what they learnt to the classroom. The student- teacher groups also created an idea of an extracurricular activity to make in their school during the year. #NSFfunded #NSFCrest

Nano Envi Summer Camp: take a peek

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Here's what happened during the first week of the Nano Envi Summer Camp. An opportunity for high school students and teachers to learn and adquire experience as researchers in the field of Nanotechnology. The first week was led by CIRE2N's researchers, graduate and undergraduate students who gave demonstrations and workshops. At the end of the week, the group paid a visit to El Corredor del Yaguazo in Cataño, guided by graduate student Elix Hernández. Visit to El Corredor del Yaguazo   Graduate student Elix Hernandez guiding the visit in El Corredor del Yaguazo.   [...]

The greatest learning experience

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For the second year in a row, CIRE2N will be celebrating the biggest Nanotechnology Festival in Puerto Rico. It will be held in The Malecón of Cataño from 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. on May 3, 2019. CIRE2N students will be giving demonstrations related to their research while interacting with the community to tell them about environmental nanotechnology in a fun and dynamic way, just like a science fair. Every school, university, industry or individual is more than welcome to come and learn about the sciences that are close to them; and what better way to do it than with [...]

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